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Fresh Film Productions

Company Type
Production Company
London, United Kingdom


• adjective

1 not previously known or used; new or different.
2 Recently made or obtained; not preserved (of food).
3 Recently created and not faded or impaired.
4 Not salty (of water).
5 Cool and fairly strong (of the wind).
6 Pleasantly clean, invigorating, and cool.
7 full of energy and vigour.

As we make Television Commercials and specially commisioned films, not all of the above apply to us. But you get the idea. Fresh Film Productions is a boutique production company that specialises in creating quality work in a creative environment. Our award winning directors whom are based all around the globe specialise in a variety of genres, which include performance, comedy, beauty and cars. With their extensive experience they are able to produce memorable commercials using stunning visuals and a strong command of storytelling.

Fresh Film Productions started April 2006 by Kim Griffin who has worked in the industry for over 25 years.

Fresh Film Productions

Executive Producer and Founder

Contact Name
Kim Griffin
0207 580 6646
Contact Name
Louise Jackson


Contact Name
Richard Carter-Hounslow

Head of New Business

Contact Name
Ali Lindsay

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