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The Works

Company Type
Music / Sound Design
London, UK

The Works is a music company that has been working with a number of London’s leading advertising agencies and brands since 2008. During this time we have built up a production roster comprising a hand picked collection of highly talented composers, songwriters, artists, orchestrators and producers all of whom are established and working in the music industry. In addition, our search and licensing department is fully independent, ensuring that we aren’t in the pocket of one or two music publishers, placing the whole world of music at our disposal.

The combination of artists who draw from their experience outside of the advertising world and our independence from music publishers and record labels, provides us with a much greater degree of artistic freedom and as a result ensures originality on every project.

At The Works, our aim is to compose and produce original and re-recorded works with complete integrity and authenticity, which our in-house producers always deliver on time and within budget. We also encourage our clients to take full advantage of our extensive knowledge of forensic musicology and we can supply at the earliest possible stage, a comprehensive report to accompany any demos or re-arrangements commissioned with us.

The Works

Contact Name
Nick Payne
0203 012 0234