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Wave Studios

Company Type
Music / Sound Design
London, UK

Yes, we could start our ‘about’ page by gloating that we’re a globally acclaimed sound design and audio post production company, with offices in the hearts of Soho and Amsterdam containing some of the world’s best sound designers, mixers, recordists and supervisors.

We might have wanted to drop in that we created the sounds for Skype, and mixed the Spice Girls & Madonna. We could even mention that we cemented our place in audio history by winning the only D&AD black pencil awarded specifically in sound for work on Honda ‘GRR’; were twice crowned ‘Facility Of The Year’ at the Conch awards, and are now serious about feature films, such as Jonathan Glazer's “Under The Skin”, which stars Scarlet Johansson as an alien seductress. We might say that it won a nomination for Sound Design at the British Independent Film Awards for Outstanding Achievement...

But we won’t dwell.

To us, the most important thing to mention is the soundtrack - it should be utilised, pushed and looked after in whatever you’re creating.

Be it feature films; adverts, games, digital experiments, sonic branding, or anything audible; we can help to push the boundaries of technology to create groundbreaking audio. With recently refurbished studios, we’ve got the gear & the idea to keep exploring, developing and advancing. (Avid S6 desks, Nuendo software, Dolby licensed 5.1 suites, ISDN capabilities if you’re looking).

2014 marks Wave’s 15th year of existence. Back in 1999, whilst Tomb Raider was having it’s last revelation, we had (as Karen Carpenter so wonderfully put it) only just begun; thrust into being off the back of the widely successful Guinness “Surfers” advert with Jonathan Glazer, who we continue to work with today.

Wave Studios


Contact Name
Sally Miller
+44 207 439 8080