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Niall Downing

Niall Downing, Director, 2AM
Niall Downing
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Niall is a well established director, best known for his highly visual and stylish work.

His work has a certain timeless quality to it, and is always shot in a considered, composed and beautifully cinematic way.

He can glean natural assured performances from both everyday people and celebrities alike, as well as strong performance from actors too.

Niall also has a documentary sensibility, having started out writing and directing the Naked Chef and the BAFTA nominated Grand Designs. He also has a showreel of high-end documentary style commercial work – see his showreel in ARCHIVE.

His most recent work was a charity promotional film for Jamie Oliver’s ‘Food Revolution Day’, Jamie and a host of other celebs including Ed Sheeran raising awareness for the global obesity epidemic in children under 5 years old.