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Isaiah Seret

Isaiah Seret, Director, Biscuit.
Isaiah Seret
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Isaiah Seret is a sought-after director known for creating singular worlds with emotional storytelling, compelling characters, and cinematic visuals. His multifaceted work is informed by his international upbringing and extensive travels.

Born in Kabul, Afghanistan to ex-pat parents, Isaiah was raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He studied filmmaking at Cal Arts and later spent his twenties traveling across Asia, cutting his teeth as the first assistant director on films made by Tibetan monks and earning a masters degree in Asian comparative studies before launching his directorial career in earnest. Isaiah has since helmed projects of all sizes and budgets, including the D&AD Award-winning “Click, Baby, Click” for Adobe; the Webby Award-winning short film “Quarantine,’ a prequel to “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”; Intuit’s Super Bowl 50 spot for Death Wish Coffee; and numerous award-winning music videos for artists such as MGMT, Norah Jones, Cults, and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. His work has been featured at the Los Angeles Film Festival and Art Basel Miami, in addition to MTV, The New York Times, Vice, Nowness, and others.