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John Morton

John Morton, Director, 2AM
John Morton
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John Morton is best known as the BAFTA winning, director, writer and creator of the BBC mockumentary Olympics comedy series TWENTY TWELVE starring Hugh Bonneville, Jessica Hynes and Olivia Coleman.

Following on from this John both wrote and directed W1A, where we observe Ian Fletcher (Bonneville), Former Head of Deliverance for the Olympic Deliverance Commission, in his important new role as Head of Values at the BBC.

As well as perfectly observing comedy with his Directing, John has a brilliant ability to write the hell out of all the management jargon that pollute the media industries, and in W1A, the world of the Beeb revolves around “big picture stuff”, “digital handshake sessions” and “dropping pathfinding documents into the shared priorities folder” as well as Syncopatico, 11 years in the making.