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Christopher Riggert

Christopher Riggert, Director, Biscuit.
Christopher Riggert
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Christopher Riggert’s cinematic work explores his fascination of visual language, born from his background in still photography, graphic design, and advertising. Christopher left his native Australia to travel the globe as an agency creative at Fallon, Grey London and others before joining Biscuit Filmworks in 2010, bringing his arsenal of skills and international palate to the roster.

With ingrained flexibility from his agency days and a depth of talent, Christopher works like a chameleon, easily changing directorial styles to best suit the project at hand. Dozens of clients from Nike to Axe have benefitted from Christopher’s comprehensive vision. For each client, he strives to create cohesive and fundamentally unique campaigns that illuminate a deeper emotional landscape lying just beneath the surface. His art and design background is evident in his work, which features visual compositions that are impactful and engaging.

Christopher’s “All Powerless” for Mophie, a Super Bowl 2015 favourite, earned recognition from Cannes Lions and Clios; his buzzworthy 2013 Dodge campaign “How to Change Cars Forever” was also honoured at Cannes Lions. His recent work includes spots for Adidas, Samsung, Sprite, Vodafone, R.M. Williams, and Australia’s Transport Accident Commission.