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Big Red Button

Big Red Button, Director, Biscuit.
Big Red Button
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Big Red Button is the dynamic directorial duo of Johnny Burns and Pier van Tijn, known for their esoteric comedy and cutting wit.

Big Red Button was formed shortly after Burns and van Tijn graduated from film school, when the pair met on the set of a feature film and quickly bonded over a shared sense of humour. After a successful run creating viral short films, animations, and music videos, the duo gained acclaim within the commercial world in 2009 with their British Arrow Award win for an anti-drug campaign for FRANK. The humorous campaign featured Pablo the Drug Mule Dog and presented the dangers of cocaine through the eyes of an eviscerated canine, establishing Big Red Button’s talent for pushing the envelope with uncensored comedy. They quickly followed up with prominent spots for Go Compare (starring Prof. Stephen Hawking), Virgin Media, Carlsberg, and the award-winning “Chav Tranquiliser” for Paddy Power. In addition to their commercial work, Big Red Button regularly contributes to film festivals with innovative shorts featuring up-and-coming comedians.

Burns and van Tijn reside in London, and are proud to have helmed 3 of the UK Advertising Standards Authority’s “top 5 complained about ads” in a single year.