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1stAveMachine Signs On Multidisciplinary Directing & Design Duo Mathery

21 April 2017

Storytelling production company 1stAveMachine has welcomed more multifaceted talent to its roster by signing on New York-based design/directing duo Mathery, aka Erika Zorzi and Matteo Sangalli.

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With a portfolio that canvasses the creative spectrum from photography and film to spatial design and art direction, Mathery fits comfortably into 1stAveMachine’s mixed media mold. “We have always been amazed by 1stAve’s fun and fresh collection of works, and found ourselves being on the same page as theirs,” the duo says. “We all immediately saw the potential of working together, and have started collaborating ever since.”

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Since forming in 2013 after earning their degrees in product design in their native Italy, Mathery has gone on to work with high-profile clients including Unilever, Dolce & Gabbana and Refinery29, as well as on important, career-defining projects such as their award-winning design efforts for the children’s space Pastello - Draw Act in Melbourne’s National Gallery of Victoria.

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Drawing inspiration from magical storytellers like Alejandro Jodorowsky and Wes Anderson, sculptor Maurizio Cattelan and fashion photographer Harley Weir, Mathery’s projects, regardless of medium, are punctuated by a few key stylistic themes. “Our style blends functionality and fun, pragmatism and humour,” the duo explains. “Our nontraditional approach to aesthetic is defined by a bold use of color and always tells a story, allowing space for beauty and emotion to reach the viewer. Since we aim to engage and communicate to as many people as possible, it’s important for us to keep a language that is simple, minimal but fearless.”

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According to 1stAveMachine Partner Sam Penfield, the duo adds yet another valuable element to the production company’s roster, making the decision to bring them aboard rather easy. “Of course, we wanted to sign them. They are fresh and fabulous with a totally unique perspective and style. Beyond that, I want to live in Mathery's collective brain, a wonderful mind-expanding dream world which ignites imagination and joy.”


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