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2AM Team Up With Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam For Glenlivet Spot ‘The Importance of THE’

05 November 2018

2AM Director Joe Roberts teamed up with Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam to tell the story of why The Glenlivet is THE definitive whiskey.

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Joe was given access to The Glenlivet photo and video archive where they found all their archival footage. “In the archive we saw how many times the story of The Glenlivet has been told through the ever changing production values of the 1970's / 1980's / 1990's. Seeing all these old films pushed us to tell the story of "The Glenlivet" into more unconventional storytelling territory" said Joe.

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Shot over 10 days in the Spey region of Scotland between distilleries, forests and mountains Joe and his crew spent time in the elements throwing cameras into rivers and looking down bottles into fires to create this beautifully crafted piece of storytelling.

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Client: Glenlivet
Title: The Importance of THE
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam
Executive creative directors: Eric Quennoy / Mark Bernath
Creative directors: Joe Burrin / Sean Condon
Art director: Emma Mållinen
Copywriter: Chris Taylor
Head of broadcast production: Joe Togneri
Executive producer: Judd Caraway
Production company: New Ams
Producer: Roche Wong
Director: Joe Roberts (repped by 2AM)
Director of photography: Tom Turley (Scotland) / Job Kraaijeveld (Amsterdam)
Editor: Will Judge
Audio post: Wave Studios Amsterdam
Sound designer/mixer: Adrian Aurelius
Sound engineers: Alex Nicholls-Lee / Randall Macdonald / Juan Pablo Thummler
Music company: Ballad
Post production: BaconX
VFX supervisor: Jan Tvilling / Jonas Drehn
Colorist: Hannibal Lang