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BBC “Dish Up” Promotion

02 June 2015

Loose Moose Director, Ange Palethorpe came up with an innovative stop-motion method for this BBC spot promoting their ‘Dish Up’ website.

Red Bee Media’s script called for a cheese grater and beautiful vegetables to sing a version of the Jackson 5’s iconic song “ABC”, promoting simple and tasty, healthy recipes.

So Ange experimented and came up with a method of animating real peppers, onions and carrots and their mouth shapes frame by frame on set. The result is a stylish and attractive film, created in an unusual way.

BBC “Dish Up”


Agency: Red Bee Media
Production Company: Loose Moose Productions

Red Bee Media
Creatives: John Grainge, Sam Boffin & Adam Butcher.
Producer: Ken Rodrigues.

Loose Moose
Director/Animator: Ange Palethorpe
Producer: Glenn Holberton
Production Manager: Alex Holberton
Animators: Daniella Orsini, Barnaby Dixon

Contact Name
Glenn Holberton
+44 (0) 207 287 3821