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Back by popular demand, Rob from A-MNEMONIC Music shares his favourite tracks from this week

29 November 2018

New Music with A-MNEMONIC's Rob Dunham

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"I’ve been asked numerous times to start sharing my weekly playlists again, so after an extended break – here’s my latest playlist!"

Top of my playlist this week is ‘Baby’ by Clean Bandit, featuring Marina and the Diamonds. Marina, having been active in the music industry since 2009, have only ever skimmed the charts and not been fully recognised for their talent. However, this new track with Clean Bandit feels like a brand-new start for them. A bit of a summer sounding track, this should brighten up your Thursday.

New York band Sunflower Bean, who are due to release a new EP ‘King Of Dudes’ on 25th January, have released their first track ‘Come For Me’ – a lively and uplifting track. Julia Cumming of the band said: “This song was inspired by inner strength, power, and sexual freedom. In 2018 there is no time to waste and no time for shame. This song is a declaration of that. Do you really want to come for me? Do you really want to waste my time? The song is a dare, a threat, and a beckoning.

Doing a cover version of another song is always a risky business, especially when it’s something as popular as Toto’s ‘Africa’. However, I feel that American Los Angeles rock band pulled it off, and this new remix by RAC makes it even better. What do you think?

Other tracks worth listening to are ‘Settled Down’ by Dahlia Sleeps, ‘Dangerous Game’ by Sharam Jey, and ‘Moonlight’ by KAWALA You can listen to my full playlist below:


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