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Bolder Creative races into 2017 with launch film for Uvify’s racing drone

10 January 2017

Image TitleBolder Creative

Bolder Creative has completed work on an ambitious project for racing drone manufacturer Uvify. The electrifying film launches their state of the art racing drone, Draco.

Bolder Creative were commissioned to supply all online graphics, print imagery and creative content, which would showcase at the latest CES Expo in Las Vegas.

The product film needed to showcase all aspects of the drone, whilst displaying its incredible abilities and sleek styling. CAD files were provided, but many components had to be remodelled and their key functions had to be visualised in very tight timeframes. This process proved to be the trickiest part of the process, but one that was key to the success of the film.

Image TitleBolder Creative

On top of the complex build of the drone, Bolder chose to embody the essence and spirit of a dragon within the film. The CG team set about creating a sequence, which would display these qualities by developing and animating this mythical creature, would become the dynamic start to the film.

The film was conceptualized, built, lit and composited by Bolder Creative in its entirety. The in house team even designed the soundtrack that carries the whole sequence along perfectly.

Image TitleBolder Creative

What follows is a fast paced and exhilarating journey through an environment as the drone is taken through its paces. A single drone becomes three in the final scene. This is after all a racing machine, so the finale embodies the purpose of the drones perfectly.

The whole project proved to be incredibly challenging, but great fun for all involved.

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