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06 July 2012

After months of working closely with web designers Funkhaus to realise the site of their dreams went live during the first week of Cannes.

Matt Abramson (EP for Cap Gun Chicago) comments “we've been working hard on so many different types of jobs over the last two and a half years....we wanted a site that could showcase what we've been up to. More than just with TV commercials but with entertainment content and digital interactive work”.

He adds “We also wanted to have a little more room to show our brand’s personality. Finding out that The Venue won the Comedy Central Pilot Competition and is now getting developed with the network only made us more excited to continue diversifying our body of work and to create a slick and functional site upon which to showcase it”.

Cap Gun

Ollie Allgrove (EP for Cap Gun London) adds that “the new site is much more about showing everything that we do and allowing the user to filter by relevance”. Cap Gun clients need many different types of solutions and finding examples of these solutions should be easy within this design.

The site’s designer and architect, Dave Funkhauser (Funkhaus) comments that the site “is lo-fi raw design with a ferrari engine” combining slick functionality with Cap Gun’s personality and of course content.

He also comments that “regardless of the viewing device, the site adapts like a chameleon to display gracefully in each environment”.

Funkhaus comments that Cap Gun “are not only great creative thinkers, they also know how to get it done and fast”.

Ollie Allgrove goes on to add that “we felt we could work absolutely creatively and fluidly with Funkhaus” whilst Matt notes that they did “an amazing job of listening to people who don't build sites and aren't super technical....but understanding what they are going for and translating that into design and architecture that will help achieve their goals. They were extremely collaborative, supported our ideas, and brought great ideas and concepts to the table themselves."

If you haven’t already check out the new site here

Contact Name
Chicago - Matt Abramson / LA - Jason Botkin
Chicago - +1 312 604 2010 / LA - +1 310 460 1025