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Creative 360 Audio and VR Sound at Syncbox

12 April 2017

Mixing 3D mulit-channel, spatial audio to a 360 Video brings the whole experience of VR to life. Audio Head Tracking enrols the viewer into believing they are really there and not just wearing a VR mask sitting on a chair.

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This audio head tracking is key to making VR and 360º video work and believable.

Syncbox has upgraded it studios to now include 3D Immersive Sound. Using the latest audio technology, we can mix your immersive audio or take your stereo mix and transform it into a 3D wonder world. Our experience of sound design and audio mixing adds a greater dimension to any 3D mix. We can mix to all the latest formats including AmbiX, FuMa, Quad Binaural, Facebook 360 Video, You Tube 360 or provide you with an multi-channel audio file for embedding into your app or game player. Once rendered the mix will provide 100% accurate head tracking and add authentic realism to any 360 video.

We also provide a real, end user monitoring experience with an Oculus Rift. This enables you to see the finished product how it was designed to be seen and experienced.

We're dedicated to exploring this immersive technology and ways of how it can be used to enhance the users experience.

Please email Rich Evans at or call 020 7253 7587 to discuss any 360 Spatial Audio or VR audio project. We'd love to hear about your ideas and discuss how we can work together to provide something truly outstanding.

Creative Audio Studio for TV, Advertising and VR

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Richard Evans