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David Daniels directs 'Buy A Motor Car' promo for Paul Buchanan's latest solo release

23 July 2012

TANDEM director DAVID DANIELS has recently completed a promo for Paul Buchanan's 'Buy A Motor Car' - a track taken from his recent solo album 'Mid Air'.

The song, according to Paul, is about "...escaping or urging someone to escape a claustrophobic relationship, as far as I can tell."

The promo visualizes this " representing graphically with the minimum of elements the sense of someone, or the viewer themselves, leaving something or somebody behind, escaping." 


Daniels goes on to explain "The video also uses the notation of the music as it's framework and bed. Less is more in this case and is designed to compliment the structure and thinking behind the music."

‘Buy A Motor Car’ will be available digitally in its original album mix and a new mix by fellow Blue Nile member Robert Bell entitled the ‘Elegance’ mix which David Daniels is also producing a 'remixed promo' for, to be released soon.