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Fifty Fifty Grades Vice Film 'Fire Games of Napoli'

10 January 2018

Every year, on the 17th January, teenagers in Naples come together to make a bonfire to mark San Antonio day. The celebration goes back hundreds of years but has recently become controversial as locals argue it educates young people in criminality.

Fire Games of NapoliFire Games of Napoli

The event, named “Cippo”, has become a war between kids and so called “babygangs” of different inner-city neighbourhoods who go to increasingly extreme lengths to steal trees, in order to make the largest fire, deemed as a sign of their strength. They prepare for months, then stay up all night to guard their prized trees in secret locations.

The film was graded by colourist, Kenny Gibb. Due to the covert nature of filming and the fact that it was predominately shot at night, the majority of footage was very dark. Gibb’s first job was to pull as much detail as possible from the raw footage and even out the colour temperature to maintain a consistent feel. By consciously avoiding a grade that beautified the film, Gibb was able to achieve more of a documentary-style look, which draws the viewer into the starkness of the scenario at hand.

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