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Guinness ‘Clock’

29 January 2013

The highly anticipated new work from Guinness and AMV BBDO was shot in Czech Republic with Director Peter Thwaites at Gorgeous and edited at Work by Bill Smedley.

This second installment ‘Made of More’TM Campaign, heroes a clock that can influence time to enhance people’s lives.

From an editorial point of view, the challenge was making the clock itself a character within the story, using traditional film techniques to add charm to the story.

Work newsGuinness 'Clock'

Stop frame animation was used when the shoes are being tied with double exposure used on the clock and face. These techniques and their traditional qualities, tell the story in the best way possible whilst being shot on 35mm only adds to it’s cinematic quality and charm.

Editor Bill Smedley adds ‘the double exposure, for example, demonstrates time speeding-up, all in-camera. That is what makes Peter such a talented Director, the ability to use the best techniques available for each project. He is a very good story-teller and very open to challenging the script to bring the very best out of it.’

He adds ‘the creation of an animatic in the early stages of the project helped both Director and Editor realise just how much story there was to get in and the best ways to achieve that. This project was both challenging and inspiring in this respect’.

It is a charming tale, with a timeless quality. Watch it here

  • Agency AMV BBDO
  • Creative Director Dave Buchanan
  • Art Director Adrian Rossi
  • Copywriter Alex Grieve

  • Agency Producer Olly Chapman

  • Production Company Gorgeous Enterprises

  • Producer Ciska Faulkner

  • Director Peter Thwaites

  • DoP Alwin Kuchler

  • Edit House Work

  • Editor Bill Smedley

  • Post House The Mill

  • Post Producer Matt Williams

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Winnie O'Neil
+44 (0)20 7845 6220
Contact Name
Julian Marshall
+44 (0)20 7845 6220