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Hans Emanuel of Missing Link Films captures serene spot for Solgar

05 April 2017

Famed for his epic car commercials Hans Emanuel has created a spot that opposes his usual style. In his new Solgar commercial he displays a serene and calming directing style that one would not ordinarily associate him with. It’s a credit to his diverse abilities as this simple film is as engaging and effective as his larger work.

Image TitleHans Emanuel

The film opens on a beautiful lakeside scene as a middle-aged man heads towards the water’s edge. Once inside the shallow water the man begins to move in fluid and graceful ways as he stretches and exercises his body. The movements demonstrate the man’s health presenting him as being in great condition for one of his age. His agility demonstrates how Solgar’s vitamins and minerals may help with the ageing process.

Image TitleHans Emanuel

Throughout the commercial light dances across the screen creating a magical atmosphere. This mood is echoed in the muted and overall natural grade. The visuals are partnered with the ambient sounds of nature coupled with a melodic soundtrack that heightens as the film progresses. Hans took time on the shoot to also capture the key visuals for the print campaign. The final film is both atmospheric and inspiring and shows how versatile Hans Emanuel can be as a Director.


Client: Solgar
Title: You are designed to move
Agency: Havas
Creative Director: Lucy Anne Royanne
Creative: Loraine Remy
Agency Producer: Alexis Myers
Production Company: Missing Link Films
Director: Hans Emanuel
Executive Producer: Heather Link
Producer: Ben Link
DOP: Roman Martinez

Contact Name
Heather Link