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Homespun Announces 2017 Winner: Directing Duo Ben Fallows and Felix Brady

23 October 2017

Homespun Yarns hosts a triumphant night for its fourth film competition

October 23rd 2017, Homespun crowned directing duo Ben Fallows & Felix Brady winners of its Yarns short film competition.

Winners Ben Fallows & Felix BradyWinners Ben Fallows & Felix Brady

In an electric night of screenings, judging and celebrations at London’s iconic Ministry of Sound club, the packed-out audience had a tough night of deliberation as they were called to vote between the shortlisted entries.

This made for a dramatic evening with final films that were equally high in levels of creativity, yet marked by distinct originality, making it impossible to predict the winning film.

In collaboration with Wave, Sohonet, and Slingshot, the winners received an epic prize bundle including 2000ft of Kodak 16mm film stock and processing and transfer at the Kodak Film Lab London, hire of a 16mm film camera from Panavision, automatic shortlist to the 2018 Kinsale Shark Awards for the Yarns winning film, an Avid software license, two tickets to the UKMVAs, as well as £500 cash.

Homespun Yarns

Partnering with stock footage company Pond5, filmmakers were challenged to incorporate at least one of eight predetermined clips into their submissions. The brief inspired entrants to conceptualise fragments: moments, pictures and experiences that grow, intertwine and develop into fully-formed narratives. The editing collective hosted an incredible night of immersion in its ‘Fragments’ themed competition. In a surprise twist, actors based on characters from clips mingled with the crowd.

The talent-nurturing competition granted finalists with £1500 funding as well as support in production, post-production and editing, enabling them to manifest each idea into reality.

Owner & Editor at Homespun, Tim Hardy saidIt’s incredible how the film community has come together to make these films. They were made possible by people giving their time and going the extra mile, which is really inspiring. EP’s, crews and production companies have really helped the up and coming filmmakers in the competition and the Homespun editors have done an amazing job.”

Ben Fallows and Felix Brady – Winston & Daisy – Winning Film
Editor: Charlie Reddie

Directing their second film together, long-term friends Ben Fallows, a Creative at CHI & Partners and Felix Brady, a Freelance Set Designer, present the hilariously savage story of Winston & Daisy. Inspired by the open nature of the brief, Ben and Felix tell us they wrote ideas for all of the clips from Pond5’s selection, eventually settling for a mysterious dark night country driving scene.

Influenced stylistically by Ben and Felix’s personal experiences, the film is set during an evening in the British countryside, but when a van arrives into an ordinary looking petrol station, things get a surprising shade darker.

Ben says his friendship with Felix is important to their creativity: “We've been friends for so long that we'll always end up in a place that seems familiar to both of us but completely different in another. We're always looking for a creative edge or clever twist that makes a film different, but we like it when these are rooted in real and relatable characters.”

With a lot of moving parts, the film posed a few production challenges for the duo. However, Ben tells us that help from friends and colleagues, as well as production company, Blonde Films, allowed the pair to focus on the creative side. Ben continues: “The best part of the experience was seeing the first cut. It's always an amazing feeling to see something you thought of, one night in the pub, made into a real thing you can actually watch on a screen” says Ben.


Ben Gough – How A Kite Flies
Editor: Chris Wilson

The hilarious yet heart-warming film, voiced by the legendary Sir Ian McKellen, is about loneliness, growing old and the longing for your lost childhood. Whilst How a Kite Flies might pull on some weirdly-placed heartstrings, the entire experience for Ben was one of joy. He explains, “I was genuinely touched by how everyone worked together to make the film possible. People bringing their time and expertise, almost always for free. The whole process was a rollercoaster of happiness. I’ll remember it all joyfully for the rest of my life.”

Sam Ainsworth – Agent Ironneck
Editor: Joseph Bolger

The film follows the inner musings of a man believing himself part of a secret agent training program, which he has been participating in for two days straight without sleep, food, or toilet break. The stock footage clip is what he believes he is being tested on by the program, so is on a plasma screen in front of him throughout” explains Sam.

Dorothy Allen Pickard – The Mess
Editor: Jennifer Tividad

The Mess documents the experiences of a woman who has bi-polar disorder. She explores this through the spatiality of her bedroom, expressing the unpredictable extreme highs and lows the condition can cause. “As a messy room builds up around the character, there seems to be no way of her breaking out of the endless highs or lows. The film is shot in the characters bedroom space with underwater cutaways of objects floating around, where the stock footage is intercut.” explains Dorothy.

About Homespun
Homespun is dedicated to editing music videos and short films and their combination of experience and emerging talent makes it a great vehicle for nurturing ideas and talent from inside and outside our doors. Homespun Yarns launched in 2014 as an ideas-first editing collective which would seek to nurture young talent and support the best creative ideas, regardless of budget. Each year, Homespun Yarns calls on emerging storytellers to create a short film or music video. The judges set a brief and entrants then pitch their idea for the chance to make it a reality. An opportunity to turn a great idea into finely crafted short film, funded and assisted by Homespun.

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