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Homespun Yarns Finalist Dorothy Allen Pickard’s The Mess On Channel 4

18 December 2017

Homespun are proud to announce that one of this year’s final Homespun Yarns films has been included on Channel 4’s Am I Normal Site.

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Am I Normal is a new project from Channel 4 that aims to explore the meaning of 'normal', and whether anyone truly fits the label. Featuring videos, insightful articles and blogs from interesting people, all raising the same question: Am I Normal?

The Mess, documenting the experiences of a woman who has bi-polar disorder, is a perfect fit for this platform. The film explores this condition through the spatiality of the woman’s bedroom, expressing the unpredictable extreme highs and lows the condition can cause.

As a messy room builds up around the character, there seems to be no way of her breaking out of the endless highs or lows. The film is shot in the characters bedroom space with underwater cutaways of objects floating around, where the stock footage is intercut.” explains Dorothy.

Am I Normal interviewed Dorothy and comedy actress and writer Ellice Stevens about their decision to make the film, and about why being able to openly discuss bipolar is so important. Full interview and film here:

A Homespun Yarn’s film, The Mess was created by a host of emerging film talent and support from industry including, editor Jennifer Tividad, DOP Ruben Woodin Dechamps, Wave Studios, Ruffian Post, Direct Photographic and Time Based Arts.

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Alice Clarke