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23 July 2012

With the 2012 Virgin Media Shorts Competition well underway; seeing twelve rising film makers shortlisted and given the opportunity to have their work showcased in cinemas around the UK for a whole year…this year, VMS have announced a special 13th and ‘lucky’ spot, to be crowned by the film-loving public. Through ‘shares’, ‘likes’ and/or ‘tweets’, entries will receive points…the film with the most points, ultimately gets the gig! Speaking of which…

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…two of Irresistible’s directors are in a bid to champion this 13th spot!

Multi-award winning duo The Guerrier Brothers, writer Simon and director Tom, combine comedy with strong, historical character-led storytelling, to create 'The Plotters’ a 2 minute short based in Fawkesian London 1605.

Tom tells us; “We had a very short time to make the film in time for the deadline…I asked Simon and Adrian Mackinder [Guy Fawkes] to write a script that would be simple, quick and cheap to make. They wrote a costume drama with a large ensemble cast and lashings of art design and CGI.” Tom has also stated that the film has received “a great response online”, with Graham Linehan (Father Ted, IT Crowd) tweeting "Really good. Looks amazing. Keeps to the point. Very well acted...brill!" and Mark Gatiss (The League of Gentlemen) tweeting “This is delightful!”

Check this hilariously historical short out and ‘Remember, Remember.....Who are you again!?’

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Azhur Saleem’s entry ‘Project ARTICHOKE’ is based around a 1952 CIA project of the same name that researched hypnotism and mind-control. A memo dated from the research read “Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature, such as self-preservation?"

Azhur informs us that inspiration “came from watching Derren Brown’s Experiments show, The Assassin which set out to see if it was possible to brainwash an individual to carry out an assassination and not remember it, much as the claims of Sirhan Sirhan, the assassinator of Bobby Kennedy.” Having always held a fascination with “the idea of control, those who are exploited by it and the people who abuse it”, it’s no surprise that this particular story held a lot of interest for Azhur: “I was really intrigued by the idea of a location changing around a character, and this story was a great fit for that. I was adamant to do it completely in camera and the cut, rather than a dissolving CG background. The film was also an exercise in creating an interesting soundscape that would be important to the telling of the story.”

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This short features the scary realisation of the power people could have over our lives, the question is, ‘have you ever felt like your life was being controlled by someone else?’

The final shortlisted films will also be accessible across Virgin Media’s far-reaching communications network; Online, TV and Mobile, and the Grand Prize winner will receive prize funding for their next film along with expert mentoring from the UK’s leading film body, The British Film Institute.

Irresistible already has a fantastic track record with the Virgin Media Shorts Competition, seeing 2011 Grand Prize winner Jason Wingard joining the roster, and working alongside 2009 winner Luke Snellin for Hyundai’s New Thinkers Index. We love the work of both The Guerrier Brothers and Azhur Saleem, wishing them the best of luck and success in the competition.

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