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Jack Weatherley of Fresh Film captures Selfridges’ message of sustainability in latest film

11 April 2017

Director Jack Weatherley has recently completed filming of his first spot under his UK representation at Fresh Films for department store Selfridges. The film was commissioned by Selfridges to support their ‘Buying Better Inspiring Change’ sustainability strategy.

Image TitleFresh Films/Selfridges & Co.

He worked collaboratively with Selfridges’ in-house creative team to realise the inspiring film. Jack is known for creating both evocative and memorable imagery and this piece is no exception. The final film, its message and intense nature is a great success.

Image TitleFresh Films/Selfridges & Co.

The striking visuals and story combine to create a strong metaphor that reflects Selfridges’ sustainability message, which shall no doubt resonate with all those that view it.

Client: Selfridges & Co.
Title: Buying Better
Production Company: Fresh Film
Director: Jack Weatherley
Producer: Simon Petter
Director of Photography: Paul O’Callaghan
Production Assistant: Louise Jackson

Contact Name
Kim Griffin
0207 580 6646
Contact Name
Louise Jackson
Contact Name
Richard Carter-Hounslow