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Megan Maczko Joins Missing Link Films for Representation

07 November 2018

Missing Link Films are thrilled to announce the signing of director Megan Maczko. Megan is the sixth director on their equal female/male roster.

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Megan Maczko is a writer-director and a critically acclaimed actress. She has worked with some of the industry’s most interesting & provocative talents (Richard Linklater, Tom Tykwer, Neil LaBute, Tom Hanks, Thea Sharrock & Michael Madsen among others) who inspired her to expand her work as a storyteller into the realm of writing and directing.

Born and raised outside of Detroit, Megan moved to New York where she was co-Artistic Director of an experimental theatre company and wrote the satirical musical The Money Show for Off-Broadway’s HERE Arts Center before training as an actress at Lamda in London, where she has lived ever since. Drawing on her experience of being born in America and growing into a filmmaker in Europe, Megan brings both a boldly distinct directorial voice and an elliptical style for things left unsaid in her character-driven work.
Megan’s first film is the recently completed short entitled The In-Between. Set in Las Vegas, the film explores one woman’s inner conflict as she decides whether to see her estranged father before he dies and give him the forgiveness he doesn’t deserve. The film is also a prologue to the feature-length thriller Underneath, that follows the main character as she unwittingly uncovers buried secrets that not only upend what she thought she knew about her family’s past but threaten to take down a system much larger than she could have imagined.
The In-Between and Underneath represent Megan’s fascination with the grey area between right and wrong, good and evil and personal conflicts that arise when people outside of us are pulling the strings.

Missing Link Films is the brainchild of husband and wife team Ben and Heather Link. Ben is a hugely experienced producer who has worked with some of the best directors in the world whereas Heather built her knowledge of the industry from the perspective of a client at CNN and HSBC. Since launching the company two years ago, they’ve produced short films, music videos, and commercials for brands such as Philips, UN Women UK, Jaguar, Ford & Shell. They’re committed to nurturing new talent with an equal roster of female/male directors. Like in the real world.

For more information please contact Heather Link

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