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06 February 2015

Doofer Films has completed three new short films for the charity SafeHands for Mothers to be launched on February 6th 2015 – UN International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is a crime and it is child abuse.

Now That You Know Say No To FGMNow That You Know Say No To FGM  

The work of groups like SafeHands for Mothers is vital in the ongoing campaign to end FGM. These three films are emotive tools for practitioners to use when informing and educating young people in diaspora communities about this harmful practice.   The Coalition Government has made great progress in tackling FGM and we recognise that in order to end FGM here in the UK and internationally we must work with diaspora communities. We have provided funding to 29 organisations across the country to help support their work with local communities.” Lynne Featherstone, MP for Hornsey and Wood Green

SafeHands for Mothers is proud to contribute to the vital campaign to eliminate Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in the UK with the launch of three short films, Now That You Know, Say No To FGM, funded by the Home Office and the British Humane Association.

The three films offer a unique insight into reactions to FGM. Films one and two see young men and young women watching a clip from the SafeHands for Mothers’ documentary, The Cutting Tradition, where a young girl undergoes FGM. Their reaction to what they see and hear says it all. The final film features a group of distinguished professionals who each convey the importance of eliminating this harmful and illegal practice in the UK.

Over the past five years, SafeHands for Mothers has worked with the FGM community and international organisations to produce three other emotive documentaries, available to watch on its website

The Cutting Tradition (2010)
Female Genital Mutilation and Pregnancy (2010)
True Story (2012)

Based on SafeHands for Mothers’ expertise and creative experience in this field the charity was tasked with finding a way of engaging young people in this vital issue and to understand that FGM is a risk in all parts of the UK. Shot in black and white these two-minute films capture the rawness and honesty of this subject. The films will be used by facilitators working with young people in communities to highlight, inform and educate on FGM.

Now That You Know Say No To FGM

Now That You Know Say No To FGM is a vital campaign to eliminate FGM in the UK. SafeHands for Mothers is proud to present three short films offering a unique insight into reactions to FGM.

These films are to be used by facilitators in communities, and have been made possible by the Home Office and The British Humane Association, to whom we give our thanks.

Exec Producer: Nancy Durrell McKenna / SafeHands for Mothers
Production Company: Doofer Films, London
Advertising agency: Doofer Ltd
Writer: Dom Murgia
Producer: Dom Murgia
Director: Riccardo Sai
Production asst: Georgina Winter
Editor: Georgina Winter
1st AD: Mark McPadden
DoP: Ciro Candia
Camera Op: Alessandro Signori
Camera Trainee: George Harrison
Sound Recordist: Alex Purkiss
Runner: Alex Sampson
Casting Director: April Whitlow
Focus Puller: Tim Allan
Rigger: Pat Daly
Gaffer: Chris Day
Spark: Bob Hunt
Sound Mix: Ludovic Morin
Music Composition: Patrick Savage & Holeg Spies
Titles: Bryce Groves
Grading: Paul Dimond @ MyBrotherBob

On-set facilitator and Counsellor: Leyla Hussein
On-set facilitator: Yofish Mohammed
Research Consultant: Gemma Rogers


Joy Clarke
Heather Vaccianna
Jane Scotchbrook
Zimran Samuel
Sheikh Ibrahim Mogra
Father Berhanu Bisrat

Young Men
Alfie Nash
Tre Moore
Olukorede Solomon
Ade Adeniyi
Ryan De La Cruz

Young Women
Hussina Raja
Bernadette Bryan
Elsie Fallon
Christine Victoria During
Hollie Hales
Abigail Connor
Demilade Adesanya

With special thanks to the FGM community.

Also, a special thanks to Barnaby Laws at Panalux, Adam Coles, Nadia McLeod and Mick Walsh at Panavision, Steve Giudici at Black Island Studios and Augusto Valeriani.

Finally, very special thanks and much appreciation to Ros Coleman Jerram, the Health Advocacy Project, Leyla Hussein, Founder Dahlia Project and Dexter Dias QC.

Contact Name
Dom Murgia / Georgina Winter
+44(0)207 025 8666