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Nucco Brain Creates Event to Aid Internal Communication. Plus They Share Ongoing Nokia Social Media Content

20 June 2019

Nucco Brain Presents "Constant Engagement : Shaping Internal Culture Through Storytelling"

Getting your employees up to speed with the latest technology, trends, and corporate guidelines is far from easy. Finding the right way to communicate important internal changes is essential for any company’s overall well-being. When searching for the most powerful strategy to deliver a message, at Nucco Brain we firmly believe in the golden rule of storytelling: your audience wants to be both informed and engaged. As visual content keeps proving to be the simplest and most engaging way to send a message, more and more brands have started turning to the visual storytelling industry to tell their stories.

If you're interested in shaping your internal communications through storytelling, visit our offices on 10th July to hear the thoughts of some of the most renowned voices in the industry. Book your free tickets now!

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Nucco Brain Offers Ongoing Social Media Content Creation

Our newest case study outlines our longterm relationship with Nokia. As their official social media content creators, we have taken over the social accounts for three of their international branches - Global, UK and France - creating high quality, engaging content that supports Nokia’s brand strategy.

Working with the Nokia team at HMD, we developed a comprehensive social media content toolkit, filtering from the organisation’s core goals through to the key monthly deliverables based on key product selling products.

With the social media landscape constantly evolving and changing, we also created space in the scope for reactive, of-the-moment content, allowing the team to develop real-time content in response to relevant trends on an ad hoc basis.

Click to view Nokia workClick to view Nokia work

If you're looking to spruce up your social media, contact us on to find out what we can do for you.

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