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Nucco Brain - Taking Branding to an Interactive Level

08 June 2019

As a testament to our drive for constantly going #BeyondAnimation, a recent review revealed that 50% of our projects within the past year have been interactive in nature.

In order to celebrate our success in the world of Interactive Experiences, we created an exclusive branded virtual reality game for the Digital Marketing World Forum that allowed our patrons to step into our logo and interact with characters from some of our most acclaimed projects. To make things even more interesting, we decided to gift the winner an Oculus Go!

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From ideation to execution, it was such a thrill to accomplish this project in a matter of 15 hours. What’s more, it gave us a chance to flaunt our gamification skills. It was a depiction of just how fun and engaging branding can be for both us and our audience.

If you’re looking to tell your story through interactive content, we are surely the studio for you! Drop in a message at to discover our fantastic array of offerings!

Managing Director

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Stefano Marrone
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Marketing Manager

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Hilary Taylor
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