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Nucco Brain’s Event 'Building Trust in Transforming Financial Market'

14 April 2019

Nucco Brain’s next breakfast event is in less than two weeks!
Regulated Storytelling: Building Trust in Transforming Financial Market is happening on April 25th from 8:30-10:30, with insights from panelists from Monzo and Lloyds Bank, among others.

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How does storytelling keep your organisation relevant in an ever-changing landscape? How do you ensure that you're at the forefront of the digital change movement, while sticking within the strict industry regulations around messaging? How can your brand tell a story that keeps you competitive and relevant with so many new challenger brands emerging?

At Nucco Brain, we believe building and retaining trust is the answer, and storytelling is the medium.

Come along to our offices on April 25th to learn from a panel of leading voices (including professionals from Monzo and Lloyds Bank) about how to successfully and creatively communicate regulated messaging within a changing environment.

Time & Date: 25th April, 8.30-10.30
Location: Nucco Brain Offices, 155 Farringdon Street, EC1R 3AF

Secure your tickets before they run out here:

Managing Director

Contact Name
Stefano Marrone
+44 020 3984 7023

Marketing Manager

Contact Name
Hilary Taylor
+44 020 3984 7035