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Philip Stein – Brand Campaign

28 August 2013

Working in close collaboration with BBH ZAG we conceived, developed and produced a series of films to communicate Philip Stein’s new brand direction and the proprietary technology behind their products  

The brief asked us to deliver “compelling content with cinematic production values”, which could then be used for a variety of purposes and across a number of different platforms - from on-line to in-store. The biggest challenge was to create something that could be both aspirational and instructive  


Our concept centers on the idea that far from being random and chaotic, there is an order and rhythm inherent in nature. If we can tap into these organic patterns and vibrations, then we can learn to live a more balanced life. We further developed this theme, to explore the juxtapositions between order and chaos that are apparent all around us  

The client and ZAG had a particular look in mind that they wanted us to achieve, so art direction, styling and location were key. We finally settled on shooting in Germany, as it offered a wealth of natural backdrops and stunning scenery – plus, exceptionally talented local crews  

Natural light, combined with specialist lenses and filming techniques, enabled us to create a mood that embodies Philip Stein’s brand philosophy of living life in tune. We then made judicious use of animation and motion graphics to illustrate how Philip Stein’s technology harnesses the beneficial natural frequencies that surround us, to enhance well-being  

The resulting films recently went live on the newly re-vamped Philip Stein website and are a key component of the client’s long-term brand strategy  

  • Client Philip Stein
  • Agency BBH ZAG
  • Sarah Henderson Senior Brand Strategist
  • Richard Davies Design Director
  • Production Company Found 
  • Creative Director Mike Sharpe
  • Animation Director Marcus Moresby
  • Director Guy Soulsby
  • Producer Sue Dhaliwal
  • Associate Producer Ian Walker
  • Director of Photography Nick Bennett
Contact Name
Joshua Antoniades- Parsons
0207 7399028