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Spendser shoots new Curry's Idents with M&C Saatchi 

23 April 2013

M&C Saatchi came to us knowing exactly what they wanted - Spendser. In the creative team's (Orlando Warner and Joe Miller) eyes he was the man to bring these five witty indents to life in a very, very quick turnaround.

Mad Cow Films

The idea is based on Curry's being 'The Home Of New Technology'. The spot's focus is on how we deal with the revolutionary nature of products in everyday situations: from a 'Scan Tan' where somebody can simply place there face against a scanner for an instant tan, to a future-esk laser that cooks a whole chicken in a fraction of a second - of course both of these haven't been invented but if they did exist, the point is, Curry's would be the first place to stock them.

Spendser directed the cast to act normally and 'everyday' meanwhile using extremely futuristic inventions, creating a set of comedic gems for Curry's. 'The key is to make the viewer totally believe in the setting and then twist the everyday situation with the outrageous inventions' - Spendser

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