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The Mob Produces Youth Suicide Prevention Film For PAPYRUS To Help Us All #SpotTheSigns

23 January 2018

A new online campaign has been produced by The Mob for prevention of young suicide.


The spot was created for charity PAPYRUS, in collaboration with Rabble post and TBWA\Manchester

The Mob collaborated with TBWA Manchester giving all resources for free under the direction of director David Schofield and post production contributed by Rabble Post.

The emotive film shows that we can all make a difference, even if we find it scary. Young actors wear large signs such as: ‘Death is my only option’, ‘I want to end it all’, ‘I’m going to end my life’, and ‘Suicide is the only answer’.

How do we know if someone is thinking about suicide? We cannot be certain without asking directly. There are often ‘signs’ we can look out for which indicate someone could be considering ending their life, and we think it’s time to ask. #SpotTheSigns

Contact Name
Mark Collins
+44 (0) 161 236 4010