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This week We 'Sit Down With' Director Hanna Elin of Mendoza Films

08 October 2018

This week 'We Sit Down' with the talented director Hanna Elin of Mendoza Films.

Hanna divides her time between London and her native Sweden where she has carved an enviable reputation for creating beautifully crafted commercials. Having had the pleasure of knowing Hanna for a few years she never ceases to surprise with her passion for film-making and her desire to constantly evolve as a director.

In this week's feature she shares her inspirations, her love of film and the art of storytelling. Over to you Hanna...

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1. What movie inspired you to be a DP/Director?
I had seen Delicatessen on TV so I went to see City of Lost Children at the cinema and was completely blown away. So if I have to say one film that set it all off, I’d say that one.

2. What other mediums do you draw inspiration from?
I have always loved photography and that is a big source of inspiration for me but I think a story or a person can be equally inspiring. My mind is always creating stories about things I see. The other day I was driving and two cars had stopped by the side of the road and two old men had left their cars and walked up to each other and hugged for ages. That had me thinking all day about their story.

3. Who is your favourite Cinematographer?
I have always admired Darius Khondji, Seamus McGarvey and Hoyte von Hoytema. I also love working with Simon Choidoir and Robbie Ryan.

4. Are you interested in creating long form projects?
Yes! I have actually written a TV series with a friend who is a published author in Sweden. It’s a really exciting project and we are currently in the process of talking to production companies and channels.

5. What piece of advice do you have for aspiring filmmakers?
Just do it!

6. Do you still prefer to shoot on film?
I have always loved the magic of film. There is a poetry in the process of a moment actually being captured physically on the celluloid instead of a binary representation of 0 and 1s on a chip, but I think that digital technology has its pros too.

7. What is your favourite piece of kit to use in your work?
That depends on the job.

8. How would you best like to showcase your work?
I think work should be available so it should be adaptable to as many platforms as possible.

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