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Upcoming Nucco Brain Event - Put those books away! Explore how VR is Transforming Learning

18 March 2019

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The way information is exchanged has changed. Communication has changed. Attention spans have changed. Everyone is adapting to a new digital age - but why is the education sector having such a hard time catching up? The addition of digital to learning and development offers an entire new world of learning opportunities and a potential transformation to what we like to call 'modern learning'. That’s why we at Nucco Brain are hosting our next breakfast event on Thursday, the 28th of March (8:30-10:30am) on the opportunities and challenges of using immersive technologies such as VR and AR as the future of modern education. If you’re interested in exploring the potential of using VR and immersive technologies within your organisation, come along to our event where we will be hearing from a panel of distinguished voices from renowned organisations within the sector, such as Pearson and the eLearning Network.

Mark Kershaw (Chair): Nucco Brain (Client Engagement Director)
Mark Christian : Pearson (Global Director Immersive Learning)
Joan Keevill : eLearning Network (Chair of the Board of Directors)
Other panelists to be announced.

Date: March 28th
Time: 8:30-10:30
Location: Nucco Brain offices, 155 Farringdon Rd.

8:30 - Registration & networking breakfast, VR experience available to test
9:00 - Welcome
9:10 - Moderated panel discussion
9:45 - Audience Q&A
10:00 - Coffee & networking, VR experience available to test

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Managing Director

Contact Name
Stefano Marrone
+44 020 3984 7023

Marketing Manager

Contact Name
Hilary Taylor
+44 020 3984 7035