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agit8-  A film By Richard Curtis and Found 

02 July 2013

agit8 was a live event held at the Tate Modern on the Southbank from the 11th June - 13th June, just ahead of the G8 summit, with the aim of inspiring the next generation of activists to 'get on their soapboxes' and pressurize the G8 to take action to help eradicate extreme poverty by 2030.

We spent six weeks working directly with Richard Curtis and ONE to conceive and create 30 minutes of original content, which was projected on to the facade of the Tate Modern. The final product is part art installation, part documentary film and it involved working with a range of techniques and mixed media - incorporating music, speech, video, animation and motion graphics.

Found Collective

Once we had the rough concept sketched out, the team went about enlisting some of the biggest names in music today, as well as actors such as Colin Firth and Chiwetel Ejiofor, to contribute protest songs and speeches that were then woven into the film. We also commissioned a number of artists, illustrators and animators to create individual pieces of work to bring particular aspects of the story to life. The finished film takes a kaleidoscopic tour through some of the biggest protest movements of the last 100 years – from Civil Rights, Apartheid and Occupy, right the way up to the most pressing issue of our times : Extreme Poverty."

  • Global Creative Director, ONE Campaign Roxane Philson
  • Writer and Executive Producer Richard Curtis
  • Production Company FOUND
  • Creative Director Mike Sharpe
  • Producer Sue Dhaliwal
  • Art Director Ben Collier-Marsh
  • Associate Producer Hannah Cameron
  • Animators Christopher Shone, Tom Langton, Jonathan May
  • Editor Mike Prior
  • Sound Design Ade Pressly
  • Projection Consultant/Producer Sam Pattinson
  • Music Consultant Toby Slade-Baker
  • Contributors Ian Wright, Sweet Crude (Fraser Davidson, Simon Tibbs and Dina Makanji), Olive Johnson 
Contact Name
Joshua Antoniades- Parsons
0207 7399028